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Issue 1, October 1990, cover art by Glenn Fabry

The Judge Dredd Megazine (originally titled Judge Dredd: The Megazine) is an anthology published by Fleetway, later Rebellion. A spin-off from 2000 AD, it features Judge Dredd and other characters from his world. It was launched in October 1990, and is published monthly (fortnightly from 2 May 1992 to January 1996). For much of its run it has featured reprints from 2000 AD and Battle Picture Weekly as well as Hellboy and Preacher from the US. In recent years it has taken on more of a magazine format, with articles, interviews, film reviews etc, as well as comic strips.

Aside from the regular "Judge Dredd" strip, and Dredd serials like "America" by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil, the Megazine has featured:

  • "Al's Baby" by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra
  • "Armitage" by Dave Stone and various artists
  • "Black Siddha" by Pat Mills and Simon Davis
  • "The Blood of Satanus" by Pat Mills and John Hicklenton
  • "Devlin Waugh" by John Smith and Sean Phillips
  • "Fiends of the Eastern Front" by David Bishop and Colin MacNeil
  • "Missionary Man" by Gordon Rennie and Frank Quitely
  • "Anderson, Psi Division" by Alan Grant and various artists
  • "Shimura" by Robbie Morrison and various artists
  • "The Simping Detective" by Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving
  • "Young Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend" by John Wagner and Peter Doherty

Reprints have included: