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If you are looking for a list of comic strips that appeared in The Beezer see List of Beezer comic strips, for a list that appeared in The Topper see List of Topper comic strips

In 1990 The Beezer merged with The Topper to form a new comic known as the Beezer and Topper. This new comic ended in 1993 after 153 issues. A number of characters from this comic went on to appear in either The Beano or The Dandy. The following is a list of all the strips that appeared in the Beezer and Topper, all numbers refer to issues of Beezer and Topper.

Strip Title [1] Artist[1] First Appearance[1] Last Appearance[1] Original comic[1] Notes
Sting Bob Dewar 1 153 The Beezer
Geezer Robert Nixon 1 153 The Beezer
The Banana Bunch Tom Paterson 1 153 The Beezer
The Numskulls Steve Bright 1 153 The Beezer Continued in The Beano
The Historiskulls Steve Bright 1 4
Blinky George Martin 1 153 The Beezer Spin-off of Colonel Blink

Later appeared in The Dandy

Adrian the Barbarian Sid Burgon 1 153 The Beezer Reprinted in The Beano in 2008 as Olaff the Madlander
Baby Crockett Bill Ritchie 1 153 The Beezer
Pop, Dick and Harry Brian Walker 1 98 The Beezer
Beryl the Peril Robert Nixon 1 153 The Topper Continued in The Dandy
Robohog John Geering 1 119
Fred's Bed Tom Paterson 1 153 Reprinted in The Beano in 2007.

Then appeared in new strips in The Beano from 2009 onwards.

Tricky Dicky John Dallas 1 153 The Topper Later appeared in The Beano
Send for Kelly George Martin 1 85 The Topper Appeared in Dennis the Menace TV series episode "The Day TV Was Banned"
Scaredy Cat John Dallas 1 152 The Topper
Crazy Daisy Gordon Bell 1 119
Des Troy Barrie Appleby 1 148
Little Mo Bob McGrath 1 73 The Beezer
Birdbrain John Geering 2 72
Gnatasha Bill Ritchie 3 152 About one of Gnasher (from The Beano)'s daughters
Foxy Evi De Bono 5 127 The Topper
History of Art Jim Petrie 5 22
Pup Parade Gordon Bell 12 120 The Beano, later The Topper Later resurrected in The Beano
Wabits Gordon Bell 17 46 The Beezer
Fairy Grotto Barry Glennard 35 147
Ghost David Mostyn 35 153 Later retooled into The Dandy character Hector Spectre.
PXQZTKLE John Geering 35 153
Baby Blue John Geering 35 152
Stormin' Norma Trevor Metcalfe 42 153
In the News Bill Ritchie 58 148
Beryl's Beaus Vic Neill 65 69
Silly Sausage Gordon Bell 74 153
Atilla the Hen Bob Dewar 84 153
Window Poster Barrie Appleby 87 92 Continued in The Dandy
Potsworth & Co. Barrie Appleby 87 153 Continued in The Dandy

Based on a Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Rats Vic Neill 87 153
Pikassos Brock 87 152
Ishara's test of time quiz 87 152
Julius Beezer Barry Glennard 103 153
Sam the Slam John Geering 106 148
Over the Fence Jimmy Hansen 106 153
Even Steven Gordon Bell 106 153
Madverts Bill Ritchie 117 123
Grown-ups David Sutherland 132 138
Darwin Bob Dewar 132 137
Around the universe in eighty minutes Bob Dewar 138 145
A cat's guide David Mostyn 151 153

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