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"Lost Tales" is a strip by Adam Murphy from The Phoenix. It adapts folktales from around the world.


  • "Strong Wind and Little Scabs" (88-89)
  • "The Grateful Dead Guy", an old Russian tale (96-97)
  • "The Gifts of Wali Dad", an old Punjabi tale (103-104)
  • "Lucky Jim and the Golden Hair of the Sun", an old Travellers' tale (109-110)
  • "Two Merchants", a story from the lost kingdom of Kanem-Bornu (115)
  • "The Picture Wife", a story from Japan (140-141)
  • "Why the Sea Moans", A story from Brazil (150-151)
  • "The Snow Daughter", a story from Russia (170-171)
  • "Ivan, the Witch Baby and the Castle at the End of the World", a story from Russia (224-225)
  • "The Reluctant Fortune Teller" A Story from Ethiopia (240-241)