Art by Martin Aitchison

Luck of the Legion was a strip cartoon in the Eagle, written by Geoffrey Bond and drawn by Martin Aitchison.

It followed the exploits of the French Foreign Legion in North Africa (then largely French-colonised or controlled) and focused mainly on the chisel-jawed British hero Sergeant "Tough" Luck and his faithful companions, Belgian Corporal Trenet and Italian Legionnaire Bimberg. Bimberg was the comic relief, short and fat and perpetually dishevelled, with a battered kepi. The strip was set in a vaguely pre - World War I period of colourful uniforms and unquestioned imperial values.

Sergeant Luck and his companions also saw service elsewhere in the French colonial empire - such as Indo-China or West Africa. However their adventures were normally focussed around isolated forts set in the Sahara. Adversaries were generally tribesmen whose dress was inexplicably Saudi Arabian rather than Algerian or Moroccan. However on occasion Sergeant Luck found himself in conflict with unbalanced or traitorous senior officers.

Because of the success of the Eagle comic strip, writer Geoffrey Bond wrote a series of novels based on the characters.

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