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Centre page poster from OInk!

Malcolm Douglas was born on 8 October 1954 and grew up in south London. He studied French and English at Sheffield University. He volunteered to illustrate a student union newspaper there, which led to work in comics. Under the name J. T. Dogg, He drew "The Street-Hogs!", written by Mark Rodgers, "Ham Dare, Pig of the Future", written by Lew Stringer, and the regular colour centre spread posters, for Oink!. After Oink! merged into Buster, he moved on to adult humour comics, including Brain Damage, Gas, Comic Strip, Zit and UT, and soft porn magazines like Knave and Fiesta. He drew "Fred the Red" in Manchester United's match programmes for five years. He was also a folk music performer and scholar, revising The Penguin Book of Englisn Folk Songs (2003) and Marrow Bones (2007) for the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and was working on a third collection of folk songs, The Wanton Seed, when he fell ill. He died on cancer on 22 March 2009.


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