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Mandy was a weekly comic published by DC Thomson from 1967 to 1991.

Debbie merged into it in 1983. In 1991 Mandy merged with Judy to create Mandy and Judy; this gestalt titling of merged comics was commonplace but in this case, unusually, the new name stuck. Eventually it was renamed M&J before finally shutting down.[1]

Strips included...

  • "Blundering Bessie"
  • "The Door to Yesterday"
  • "The Double Life of Julie-Ellen"
  • "Hockey Hannah" (Andy Tew)
  • "Jackie Flash"
  • "Jill - Junior Reporter"
  • "Lonely Ballerina"
  • "Peggy the Police Girl"
  • "Princess of the Golden Dragon"
  • "The Randall Road Girls" (from Debbie)
  • "The Riddle of the Lost Heiress"
  • "She Owned a 4-Hoofed Earthquake"
  • "The Sunshine of her Songs"
  • "The Tests of Terry"
  • "Toots" (Bill Ritchie"
  • "Valda" (Dudley Wynn)
  • "Wendy the Winner"
  • "The Willing Hands of Meg Smith"


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