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Mangasm!!'s inviting cover.

Mangasm!! is a 2008 paperback anthology from Speedlines Publishing. It contains six manga-influenced pieces by several European creators: Åsa Ekström from Sweden, James Gammell from Ireland and Gwen Kortsen, Angela Wraight and Michael Kacar from Britain. Kortsen edited the volume.


  • "Miri" (Åsa Ekström)
  • "Shonen" (James Gammell)
  • "Circuit Breaker" (Gwen Kortsen & Angela Wraight)
  • "Night of the Living Manga" (Michael Kacar)
  • "The Girl And Her Horses" (Åsa Ekström)
  • "Unnatural Remedy", Pt. 1 (Gwen Kortsen & Angela Wraight)