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Mike Knowles spent a year in art school, and after failing to get a officer's commission in the Army, enlisted in the Intelligence Corps. After leaving the army he trained as a psychiatric nurse and worked for the NHS as a psychotherapist, before becoming a freelance writer in the 1980s. He began on women's magazines, before turning to comics with DC Thomson, starting on their boys' adventure line.

His first scripts were for Commando, which he still writes. He created "The Hammer of Vulkan", about a group of German soldiers on the Eastern Front, for Bullet, and "Steelhead Sam", about a man whose skull had been replaced with metal, for Warlord, where he also wrote "Three Men in a Jeep", "Union Jack Jackson" and "The Big Palooka". He also wrote for The Victor, including "The Tough of the Track", "Morgyn the Mighty", "Mike's Millions", "Pendragon" and "Braddock VC", and for the science fiction digest Starblazer.

He wrote scripts for Thomsons' girls' comics, including Bunty and Mandy, and for their juvenile humour comics like The Beano and The Dandy, including "Desperate Dan", "Dennis the Menace", "Minnie the Minx", "The Three Bears", "Roger the Dodger", "Brassneck", "Willy Winker", "Lord Snooty", "The Bash Street Kids", "Little Plum", "Mickey the Mouth", "Bully Beef and Chips", "Cuddles and Dimples", "Jonah", "Colonel Blink" and "Keyhole Kate".

After reading Leo Baxendale's autobiography A very Funny Business, he began selling scripts to IPC, starting with "Billy Bang" for Oink, then working for Buster and Whizzer and Chips on strips including "Beastenders", "Smart Alec", "Ivor Lott and Tony Broke", "Lazy Bones", "Mummy's Boy", "Odd Ball", "Pete's Pop-Up Book", "Sammy Shrink", "Shiner", "Sid's Snake", "The Winners", "Smiler", "Sweeny Toddler", "Sweet Tooth" and "Joker".

He has also written for magazines, joke books and children's books, as well as sketches for TV comedy shows like The Two Ronnies, Three of a Kind, Saturday Night Live and OTT, and animated series like The Bunbury Tails and Henry's Cat.


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