Cover art for The DFC issue 9, showing Asha and her Mo-Bot.

"Mo-Bot High" is a strip written and drawn by Neill Cameron that ran in The DFC in 2008. It lasted for eighteen installments, first running through issues 1 to 9 and returning for issues 22 to 30.

"Mo-Bot High" tells the story of a girl named Asha who joins a new secondary school, whereupon she discovers that her classmates can summon giant robots from their mobile phones. Resembling holograms but apparently solid (the kids operate them from the inside), these "digital mobile combatsuits", or Mo-Bots, are used in fights for entertainment, or to settle scores with school bullies. But as the story progresses it is revealed that something more sinister is going on alongside the children's games.

Exactly what was going on, however, was not revealed within the pages of The DFC as the comic was cancelled before the storyline was resolved. In 2010 the extant strips were compiled in a hardcover book containing two additional pages, providing a new cliffhanger ending. This volume was billed as the first in a series.

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