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Frolix issue 24, 1929, cover art by Murdock Stimpson

Murdock Stimpson worked in comics from the 1920s to the 1950s. Strips he drew included:

  • "Bill the Balmy Bosun" (1920) for Funny Cuts
  • "Joey and Punch" (1921) for Wonderland Tales
  • "Percy Popcorn" (1923) for Chuckles
  • "The Merry Market Boys" (1928) for Frolix
  • "Felix Fox" (1928) for Playtime
  • "Darky Town" (1933) for Jolly Jack's Weekly
  • "Jumbo" (1933) for The Boys' and Girls' Daily Mail
  • "Jolly Jenkins" (1933) for Daily Express Children's Own
  • "The Bing Boys" (1933) for Scottish Daily Express Children's Own
  • "Doleless Dick and Starving Steve" (1933) for The Dazzler
  • "Flash Scarlet" (1930-43) for New Funnies

He also drew comic postcards and illustrated books, including Sausages and Sundials: a Book of Nonsense Verse by Longford Reed (1927).


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