The first and only issue.

Nimbus Base is a 2005 one-shot comic by Hannah Saunders (using the pseudonym Wandering Muse) and published under the Sweatdrop Studios label.

Nimbus Base stars Nijiko Arakida, a 15-year-old girl who can magically control the weather. Aided by a talking teddy bear nameed Fuwafuwa (or "Fuu" for short) Nijiko battles evil forces at the behest of Commander Rosalba, a member of the faerie civilisation that migrated to a flying palace called Nimbus Base to escape pollution. Nijiko's principal antagonists are the descendents of the faerie who stayed on the surface world and became monsters as a result of the pollution.

Although fitting squarely within the "magical girl" tradition of Japanese manga, the comic is also gently parodic in tone: Nijiko has to put up with the paparazzi, who come up with headlines such as "Local Magical Girl Saves Town Yet Again!"

Ending in the middle of a fight scene Nimbus Base was intended as the first issue in a series, but it was never continued.[1]


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