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Issue 1, 1980

Nutty was a weekly comic published by DC Thomson from 16 February 1980 to 14 September 1985, when it merged with The Dandy.

  • "Bananaman", its main strip and by far its most popular. Drawn by John Geering, survived Dandy merger.
  • "Big 'n Bud", an observational humour double act
  • "Blubba and the Bear", an Eskimo trying to stop a polar bear stealing his fish. Later reprinted in The Dandy
  • "Cannonball Kid", young footballer, later reprinted as "Owen Goal" in The Dandy
  • "Cuddles", a naughty baby, drawn by Barrie Appleby. Later moved to Hoot before joining Dimples as "Cuddles and Dimples" in The Dandy.
  • "Dick Turban, Desert Highwayman"
  • "Doodlebug", a bug who could draw things into existence with a magic pencil, drawn by Gordon Bell
  • "Ethel Red", a Viking girl
  • "General Jumbo" new series of the former Beano character, drawn by Sandy Calder
  • "Horace Cope", a boy whose grandmother, Madam Zsa Zsa, is an astrologer
  • "Jay R. Hood", "he's anything but good", a villainous child based on J. R. from Dallas, drawn by George Martin
  • "Micro Dot", a girl with a computer, drawn by Gordon Bell
  • "Mitey Joe, a small boy who wishes he was taller, drawn by John Geering
  • "Nip and Rrip", a boy with a violent cat, drawn by George Martin
  • "Peter Pest", a boy who constantly interrupted his sister's attempt to be alone with her boyfriends. Survived Dandy merger
  • "Pig Tales", a family of pigs
  • "Ron Brown's Schooldays", the adventures of a group of schoolkids
  • "Samuel Creeps", a school swot who outwitted bullies
  • "Scoopy", "the runaround hound with a nose for news", a dog journalist, drawn by Gordon Bell
  • "The Snobbs and the Slobbs", a rich-family-versus-poor-family strip, drawn by John Geering. Survived Dandy merger
  • "Snoozer", a boy who kept falling asleep, drawn by Gordon Bell
  • "Stevie Starr", a young TV star who starred in a different show each week
  • "Whoops-A-Daisy", a mischievous girl, drawn by Barrie Appleby
  • "The Wild Rovers", a group of dogs who had comedy adventures

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