"Odd-Ball" was a strip that debuted in the first issue of Whizzer and Chips in 1969. Drawn primarily by Terry Bave, also by Mike Lacey, it carried on in Buster after its original comic folded.[1]

The title character was a living, one-eyed ball, originally used in games on the planet Bounco. One of the aliens kicked him too hard and he ended up on Earth, where he was befriended by Nobby Noodle and his family.

Odd-Ball had the power to morph into various shapes. In early strips his transformations were fairly basic - growing limbs, changing size - while later on he began to change into any shape he chose, although his various forms tended to have the same one-eyed face.


Odd-Ball's final appearance was in the very last issue of Buster. In a strip drawn by Jack Edward Oliver which detailed the eventual fates of the comic's best-loved characters, Odd-Ball was shown bursting after hiding in a thorn bush.


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