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Pansy's Beano incarnation, circa World War II.

"Pansy Potter, The Strongman's Daughter" is a strip which ran in The Beano and Sparky.


Created by Hugh McNeil, the strip first appeared in 1938. Circa 1949 it was renamed "Pansy Potter in Wonderland" and taken over by Jimmy Clark. John Geering and Evi De Bono drew a revival of the strip for Sparky in the 1960s. In 1989 Pansy returned to The Beano and was drawn by Barry Glennard.

Character biography[]

Pansy Potter was seen to possess an apparently superhuman level of strength.  Her handshake was capable of crushing the hand of a grown man.  She was able to lift and toy with tremendous weights and to burst her way out of chains.  A friendly pat on the back from her could send a man flying into a wall.