Patricia Lamburn was born in Kensington, London, on 31 December 1925, daughter of Francis John Lamburn, the editor of Pearson's Weekly, and Nell, née Kennedy-Gibbs, who under the name Nell Kennedy was editor of romance papers like Peg's Paper and Glamour. She followed her parents into editorial at publisher C. Arthur Pearson. She was editor of the publisher's first romance comic, Mirabelle, launched in 1956, and a few weeks later relaunched her mother's former title Glamour as a romance comic, New Glamour. In 1960 she was involved in the launch of the photo-romance comic Marty.

In 1966 she left to join the board of George Newnes. When Newnes and others merged to form IPC in 1968, she joined its board as Director of the Young Magazines Group until 1971, when she became Publishing Director of the Women's Magazines Group. She died in late 2006.


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