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Peter Piper in his Sparky incarnation.

"Peter Piper" is a strip which originally appeared in The Magic Comic, drawn by Dudley D. Watkins, was revived in Sparky and carried on in The Topper, the publication which Sparky merged into. The main charater was a boy who could bring images to life by playing his magic pipes. The revival in Sparky was drawn by Vic Niell.

His third and final incarnation was in The Dandy in 1993, drawn by Nick Brennan. In this series Peter looked quite different. He had an Elvis-style hairdo and usually wore a purple jumper with a yellow 'P' on it. After the switch to full colour in September 1993 his appearences became less frequent, and his final appearence as a regular was in 1999.

A four-panel "Peter Piper" strip, drawn by Nick Brennan, appeared in the final print edition of the Dandy.