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Pick & Mix is a two-part anthology series published by Inspired Comics. Part one came out in 2009, part two in 2010.


Volume 1[]

  • "Paperboy" by Charlotte Bailey: Period piece in which a newsboy deals with an unpleasant shopkeeper.
  • "U Wot Mayte?" by Laura McNulty (script) and Sammy Borras (art): Two gay boys face off against some rowdy louts.
  • "Dead Man" by Stephen Clews (script) and Harry Griffin-Hayes (art): A drug dealer gets in trouble.
  • "Strawberry Dream" by Catherine Reda: A girl expresses her love of strawberries.
  • "Alley Shopé" by Gemma Sheldrake: A young woman meets an antique dealer.

Volume 2[]

  • "Little Sock Thief" by Charlotte Bailey: A girl finds a gnome stealing her socks.
  • "Coffee" by Gemma Sheldrake: A blind woman finds friendship.
  • "Like WTF?" by Laura McNulty (script) and Sammy Borras (art): An MMORPG player is confronted with reality.
  • "Disposable People" by Sarah Fogg: In a futuristic city a girl questions the treatment of defective clones.
  • "Rising Evil" by Harry Griffin-Hayes: Police deal with the apocalypse.