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Pow! was a weekly anthology published by Odhams from 1967 to 1968. Like its stablemates Wham! and Smash! it consisted of humour strips in the traditional British mould and reprints of Marvel superhero comics.

The shortest-lived of the three, Pow! nonetheless arrived late enough in the game to outlast Wham!, which merged into it in 1968. Later that year, however, Pow! itself merged into Smash!.[1][2]

Pow! annuals continued to be published for a couple of years after the weekly ended.[3] The last of these was the 1971 annual, which showed a last-minute attempt to reinvent the comic: the annual had no British humour strips or American superhero reprints, and instead starred a roster of original superhero characters (including Magno, Man of Magnetism and Aquavenger) who had never been seen before or since.[4]

Strips included...

  • "The Cloak"
  • "Dare-a-Day Davy"
  • "The Dolls of St. Dominic's"
  • "The Group"
  • American Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. reprints
  • American Spider-Man reprints
  • "Wee Willie Haggis"
  • "Wiz War"