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Power Comics is the name of a line of comics published by Odhams. The line consisted of a total of five comics.

The first title was Wham!, which began in 1964, although the name "Power Comics" was not introduced until later on. This comic contained traditional humour strips by the likes of Leo Baxendale, with reprints of Marvel's Fantastic Four comic added later. The second comic in the line was Smash!, beginning in 1966; this contained a similar mix of original British humour material and American superhero reprints. In 1967 the two titles were joined by Pow!, which followed the same formula.

Later that year came Fantastic and Terrific, which consisted primarily of Marvel reprints, with some British adventure strips on the side.

In 1968, however, the line began collapsing. Wham! was the first domino to fall, merging into Pow!; after which Terrific merged into Fantastic and Pow! merged into Smash!. Finally, Fantastic merged into the sole survivor of the five, Smash!, which carried on until 1971.