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Issue 16

Quackers was a comic given away as gift in the children's monthly puzzle magazine Quiz Kids from 1997 to 1999, lasting for 25 issues and replacing the booklets on various subjects that used to be included with the magazine. It presented itself as a traditional humour comic with little connection to the contents of Quiz Kids, instead featuring a range of new characters and a few licensed properties.

Amongst its features were strips based on the TV cartoons Transylvania Pet Shop (characters from which adorned the masthead) and Potsworth & Co.; the continuing adventures of Ladybird Books character Major Tom; and cover star Graffy T.

Quackers has a certain curiosity value as one of the last gasps of its genre. To put things in context, at the time it was published Buster was on its last legs and Whizzer and Chips had folded a few years previously, and the old deans The Beano and Dandy were about all that was left of the children's humour anthology.