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Issue 481, 1947

Radio Fun was a weekly comic published by Amalgamated Press (later Fleetway). It launched on 15 October 1938, incorporated Wonder in 1953, and was merged into Buster on 18 February 1961. As its title suggests it was a sister title to Film Fun, but using strips about radio personalities rather than film comedians. Amongst its features were text stories purportedly written by celebrities, but actually more likely to be from staff writers. Although predominantly a humour comic, it also featured a noir-ish crime strip in "The Falcon", and a "Wild Bill Hickok" strip drawn by D. C. Eyles.

Strips included...

  • "Arthur Askey"
  • "Charles Cole and his Magic Chalks"
  • "Derek Roy"
  • "Douglas 'Cardew' Robinson"
  • "The Falcon"
  • "Finkelfeffer Family"
  • "Going Places with the Askeys"
  • "It's That Man Again - Tommy Handley!"
  • "Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss"
  • "Wilfred Pickes"