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"Kitty Hawke", from Girl

Ray Bailey was an artist who worked in British comics from the mid-1930s to the 60s. He started on C. Arthur Pearson's Christmas comics, The Seaside Comic and The Summer Comic, on strips such as "Dr. Helshaw" and "Milly and Billy".

In 1936 he joined Amalgamated Press, drawing for Butterfly (including "Bertie and Babs", "The Lost Joss", "Peggy the Pretty Police Patrol", "The Pentwins", "Wot-Ho" and "Forgotten City"), Comic Cuts (including "Captain Quick and Nippy Nick", Golden (including "Dickie's Diary" and "Brother Bill and Sister Sue"), Jolly Comic (including "Jolly Joe and his Fun Show" and "Will Power") and Sparkler (including "Hopeful Horice" and "The Chimps").

In the 1950s and 60s, he drew "Kitty Hawke" and "Wendy and Jinx", both colour cover features, as well as "Susan of St. Bride's", for Hulton Press's Girl.


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