Elmes day's work

All in a Day's Work, 1939

Rick Elmes, cartoonist, illustrator and painter

Apparently born in Australia.[1]

Had moved to London by 1926, when he illustrated London Nights: Studies and Sketches of London at Night by Stephen Graham.[2] Also illustrated Twice Round the London Clock & More London Nights by the same author in 1933.[3][4]

Illustration for Illustrated London News, 1927.[5]

Cartoons for Punch, 1933.[6]

Drew daily strip All in a Day's Work in the Daily Herald,[7] which was syndicated to Australian newspapers from the mid-30s on.[1][8][9][10] Lasted until at least 1945.

Son Thomas Oliver Elmes born in Smirna House, White Notley, Essex, 1934.[11] His mother's maiden name was Holmes.[12] Oliver was an artist in his own right and died in 2011.

Drew Bobby Bear in Mickey Mouse Weekly (1936) and Happy Families Comic (1938).[13]


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