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Robin was a nursery title published by Hulton Press, later Odhams Press and IPC, from 28 March 1953 to 25 January 1969, when it was merged into Playhour.

It was billed as "Companion to Eagle, Girl and Swift", and was edited by Marcus Morris until 1962, when Clifford Makins took over.

Regular comic strip features included:

  • Andy Pandy
  • Harriet and Smith
  • Johnny Bull
  • Flower Pot Men
  • Midge the little motor-car
  • Princess Tai-Lu
  • Richard Lion
  • Simon and Sally
  • Tom the Tractor
  • Tubby the Odd-job Engine
  • The story of Woppit

Artists who worked on Robin included Sabine Schweitzer, Reg Foster and Robert Williams.


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