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"Freedom is the Prize", introducing Wulf the Briton, Express Weekly, 1956

Ruggero Giovannini was born in Rome on 5 June 1922. After graduating from art school he worked as a journalist and a poster artist before becoming a comics artist in 1945. Although employed full time by the Italian magazine Il Vittorioso, he also drew for British comics in the 1950s and '60s, through the D'Ami studios. He was the original artist on "Wulf the Briton" (1956-57) in Express Weekly, and also drew Robin Hood and Dick Daring of the Mounties stories Thriller Picture Library (1958-60), Kansas Kid stories for Cowboy Picture Library, war stories for War Picture Library, classic novel adaptations for Treasure, "Wild Bill Hickok" for Radio Fun, western strips in Top Spot, "The Adventures of Macbeth" in Ranger and "Olac the Gladiator" in Tiger. He died in Rome on 5 March 1983.


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