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Scorcher cover from 1970

Scorcher was a football-themed comic launched by IPC on 10 January 1970. It absorbed Score 'n' Roar in June 1971, becoming Scorcher and Score, and merged into Tiger on 5 October 1974. Its editor throughout was David Hunt. Annuals continued to be published until 1984.

Strips included:

  • "The Amazing Strollers", written by Scott Goodall
  • "Billy's Boots" by Fred Baker and John Gillatt
  • "Bobby of the Blues", drawn by Tony Harding.
  • "The Boy In The Velvet Mask", written by Scott Goodall
  • "Brainey's Bombers", written by Scott Goodall
  • "Byrd of Paradise Hill"
  • "Hot Shot Hamish"
  • "Kangaroo Kid"
  • "Lags Eleven" (about a prison football team)
  • "Nipper", originally from Score 'n' Roar, written by Tom Tully
  • "Paxton's Powerhouse"
  • "The Roly-Poly Rovers", written by Scott Goodall
  • "Royal's Rangers"
  • "Sub"

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