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Score 'n' Roar (just Score later in its life) was a football weekly published by IPC from 1970 to 1971, containing both comic strips and magazine features. Like Whizzer and Chips and Shiver and Shake it was built on a "two comics in one" structure, with Roar given away as a pull-out in Score; this idea was later dropped, hence the name change.

Although all of the strips revolved around football, their genres ranged from fantasy ("Phantom of the Forest", about a ghostly footballer) to humour ("Trouble Shooter", starring "the go-anywhere, do-anything, soccer twit" Bertie Bentboot). The comic lasted for 41 weeks before merging into Scorcher. One strip, * "Nipper", outlasted both titles and ended up in Lion.[1]

Strips included...

  • "Cannonball Craig"
  • "Peter the Cat"
  • "Phantom of the Forest"
  • "Trouble Shooter"
  • "Nipper"