Scream 1

Issue 1, 24 March 1984

Scream! was a weekly comic with a horror theme, launched by IPC on 24 March 1984. It had a tagline of "Not for the nervous," and its figurehead "editor" was Ghastly McNasty, a spectral creature whose face was hidden by a hood. Only fifteen issues were published before it was merged into Eagle on 30 June 1984, after controversy about its content and industrial action at IPC made it uneconomic to continue publishing.

It was, however, revived for a series of holiday specials during the 1980s which consisted primarily of reprints from IPC’s back catalogue, and Rebellion Developments released a one-off Scream! & Misty Halloween Special containing all-new material after their acquisition of the titles in 2017.

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  • "Castle of Death." Two young boys investigate a supposedly-haunted castle.

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