Blake Taylor

Sexton Blake, drawn by Alfred Taylor, from Knock-Out, 1941

Sexton Blake, the bargain basement Sherlock Holmes, was created by writer Harry Blyth in the story paper The Halfpenny Marvel in 1893. He was soon the main character of Union Jack, later Detective Weekly (1894-1940). He also appeared in The Boys' Friend (1905-) and The Penny Pictorial (1907-1913), and, most famously, in the Sexton Blake Library (1915-1968). Throughout his prose adventures he was written by numerous hands, and illustrated most notably by Eric Parker.

Sexton Blake comic strips ran in Knock-Out from 1939 to 1960, drawn initially by Jos Walker, then by Alfred Taylor, Roland Davies, Graham Coton, and, for one 14-part serial, Eric Parker. He also appeared in Valiant in 1968-70.

One final ghost appearance was in Tornado (1979), where a Sexton Blake series written by Chris Lowder and drawn by Mike Dorey was retitled "Victor Drago" before publication for copyright reasons.


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