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Shiver and Shake was a weekly humour anthology published by IPC from 1973 to 1974. It borrowed the central gimmick of Whizzer and Chips, dividing itself into two mini-comics: one headed by a ghost named Shiver, the other by an elephant named Shake.

Unlike Whizzer and Chips each section had its own theme, with the cast of Shiver's portion consisting largely of ghoulies, ghosties and long-leggedy beasties ("Frankie Stein", "Horrornation Street" et al) while Shake presided over more standard-issue fare about bullies, pranksters and other traditional playground figures ("Tough Nut and Softy Centre", "Gal Capone" etc.)

Shiver and Shake was not long-lived, lasting for eighty-three issues before merging into Whoopee!.[1] But like its first title character, its spectre lingered on after its demise - Shiver and Shake annuals continued to be published for more than ten years (the last to appear was the 1986 book). And not too long after the comic's closure IPC released Monster Fun, which can be seen as a second stab at Shiver's premise without having to share a bed with the loosely-defined Shake.

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