"Wendy", Playbox, 1935-

Sidney John E. Pride was born in St George, Hanover Square, London, in the second quarter of 1873, the son of John Pride, a gas fitter and brass finisher, and his wife Sarah, a dressmaker. He married Dorothy Corke in 1907.

He joined a London evening newspaper as a staff artist, and illustrated for magazines like The Strand and Punch. Beginning in the 1920s he did a lot of work for the Amalgamated Press' comics and story papers. His comics work included "Trooper Tex on the Lone Trail" (1929) and "Freddie Bartholomew" (1939) for Crackers; "Ken's Quest" (1931) for Sunbeam; "Wendy" (1935) for Playbox; "Secrets of London Town" (1936) and "The Silver Star" (1939) for Tiger Tim's Weekly; and "Wolf of the West" (1938) for Butterfly. his son Stewart was an editor for the Amalgamated Press. He died in Surrey in the second quarter of 1942.


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