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Issue 25, cover art by Don Harley, 2011

Spaceship Away is a quarterly comic magazine founded in 2003 by Rod Barzilay to revive the original Dan Dare, after he had written a new Dan Dare story, "The Phoenix Mission", and persuaded Keith Watson and Don Harley to draw it.

Other regular contributors include Tim Booth and Keith Page, who draw Dan Dare-related stories. The magazine also focuses on other 1950s and 60s science fiction like Charles Chilton's Journey Into Space and Sydney Jordan's Hal Starr.

Spaceship Away also runs one-page Dan Dare spoofs such as "Mekki" and "Our Bertie" by Ray Aspden, Eric MacKenzie's "Dan Dire" and "Dan Bear" by Andy Boyce. It also features new Dan Dare text stories by Denis Steeper set in the period immediately after the Eagle's original strips, when Dan is no longer Dan, but Sir Daniel, and has been elevated to Controller-in-Chief of Space Fleet.


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