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Sparks, after it became Sunbeam.

Sparks was a children's paper - containing the usual mixture of comics, prose stories and whatnot - whose first issue appeared in 1914 (dated 21 March), published by James Henderson & Sons. The publication went through a number of changes: with the 5 January 1918 issue it merged with Big Comic to become Big Comic and Sparks, which was curiously renamed Sparks and Big Comic with its 5 October 1918 issue. The 3 May 1919 issue returned the title to just plain Sparks (this incarnation is known as Sparks2 by some sections of the UK comics community). Hendersons were acquired by the Amalgamated Press in 1920, and the 24 April 1920 issue saw the paper adopt the name Little Sparks, while the 7 November issue was released under the name Sunbeam.[1] Sunbeam carried on until 1940, when it absorbed Puck and became Sunbeam and Puck for two issues, before itself merging into Tiny Tots.[2]

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