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Spellbound was a girl-targeted horror weekly published from 1976 to 1977 by DC Thomson. It lasted for 69 issues before merging into Debbie.

Probably its most enduring legacy was in prompting rival publisher IPC to put out a similar girls' horror comic, the cult-classic-to-be Misty. But by the time this competitor hit the shelves, Spellbound had already folded.[1]

Strips included...

  • "When the Mummy Walks" (Esteban Maroto, #1-)
  • "Spectre from the Flame" (Brian Lewis, #1)
  • "The Secret of Silver Star" (Edmond Ripoll, #1-8, 14)
  • "Supercats" (Enrique Badía Romero, #1-)
  • "The Haunting of Laura Lee" (#1-)
  • "I Don't Want to be a Witch!" (#1-)
  • "Lonely Lucy" (Enrique Badía Romero, #1-10)
  • "Sing a Song of Terror" (Jesus Redondo, #11-20)
  • "Dangerous Daisy for the Tiny Taylors" (Jesus Redondo, #22-34)
  • "Beware the Mystery Dolls (Adolfo Usero, #22-32)
  • "The Mystery Birds of Mora" (Jesus Redondo)
  • "Peril on Paradise Island" (Jordi Franch)
  • "The Power of Penny"


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