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Stanley James Gooch was born in Holborn, London, in the third quarter of 1893. His father, George, worked for a newspaper as a clerk. Stanley joined the Amalgamated Press at the age of 14, working as an office boy on the women's magazine Home Chat. He served in 5th Wiltshire Regiment in the First World War, seeing action at Gallipoli. After the war he married former West End tiller girl Kitty Lee in 1922, and climbed the ladder at AP, becoming editor of Larks and Funny Wonder in 1927 and Crackers in 1929.

In the 1930s he became managing editor of a group of titles, adding Jingles, Tip Top, Jester and Radio Fun to the earlier three. During the Second World War he served in the Home Guard, but his titles were cut by paper shortages, with Larks, Jester and Crackers cancelled. Four more of his titles, deemed old-fashioned in the wake of the success of the Eagle and other adventure comics, were cancelled in 1953-54, leaving him only Radio Fun and one new title, TV Fun.

Stan and Kitty had no children of their own, but they brought up his sister Edie's children up after she and her husband died. He retired in 1958 and died shortly afterwards. He had once told Alf Wallace he would like to be remembered as "the man who made children laugh".