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Strip Magazine is a  comic anthology published by Print Media Productions. The first issue went on sale in November 2011 but its initial planned monthly publication proved erratic, hampered by distributuion problems owing to its printing in Bosnia that took time to resolve.

The comic was conceived by Bosnian publisher Ivo Milicevic as a UK extension of his Strip Magazin brand. As a child, he had read British adventure comics in his native Bosnia, and was surprised to find out that the genre had almost died since then.[1] John Freeman was assigned the duty of editing the magazine in February 2010.

The strips in the first volume of the magazine are a mixture of old and new work from across the world. As well as UK contributions, some of the original features were co-created by US talent. The comic also ran reprints of material originally created for the continental European market such as "Cosmic Patrol", a single-page superhero parody created in 1997 by Mauricet and Jean-Louis Janssens,[2] and "Bogey-Man Bob", an English translation of "De Vloek van Bangebroek" by Dutch cartoonist Gerard Leever.[3]

Issue 6 was faced with a number of delays; eventually, its print edition was folded into issue 5 to form a single bumper volume labelled "No. 5/6" (the digital editions of each issue were released separately). Issue 7 was a Christmas edition which was not numbered on the cover.

A Christmas issue, Issue 7 was published in December 2012, the last instalment of the first volume. 

Strip magazine ISSUE-1-Pg-1

STRIP Magazine Issue 2.1

A second, renumbered volume began in April 2013, released in selected high street newsagents, UK comic shops and through iTunes for Apple's iPad. This has continued the tradition of mixing original British work with continental reprints, such as material from Kim W. Andersson's Scandinavian comic Love Hurts.


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