The group's mascot, Sueto-chan, about to tuck into a cake with a very appetising sweat motif. Lovely.

Sweatdrop Studios is a collective of UK-based comic creators who self-publish their work and sell it online and at conventions. Their work is heavily influenced by Japanese manga.


The Sweatdrop group was founded in 2001 by Hayden "Dock" Scott-Baron, Laura Watton, Sam "Subi" Brown and Tiffany "Foxy" Fox along with Selina Dean, Aleister "Keds" Kelman and Fehed Said.[1] Since then a range of artists have come and gone.





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The majority of works published by Sweatdrop are amateur ventures; the artists/authors do not make a living through profits, and produce and sell their works in their own time. There are, however, a few exceptions to this, such as Draw Manga, a professional book published under the Sweatdrop Studios name and also 'Manga Life', a series of self help books for Infinite Ideas. Sweatdrop Studios is unique in the UK manga industry as an art collaborative.

Sweatdrop is frequently mentioned in the UK's only anime, manga and Asian cinema magazine, Neo, in which members regularly produce tutorials. Members have also featured in other magazines, Hayden Scott-Baron was featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine. Joanna Zhou & Emma Vieceli have been featured artists in ImagineFX.

The group is known for running workshops and panels at numerous events

The Studio was originally founded in 2001, by a co-operative of four independent UK manga artists, who, until then, had been self-publishing at a small-press level individually. These artists were Hayden Scott-Baron aka. Dock, Laura Watton, Sam Brown aka. Subi and Foxy, who had met via their attendance at UK manga conventions. Fehed Said, Selina Dean and Aleister Kelman have also been members since the Studio formed, although they were not present at the conventions.

Members of the Studio participate in its activities to varying degrees, depending on their personal circumstances. These activities include: publishing comics, participating in writing manga drawing tutorials in magazines, attending conventions and events, running workshops and panels and administration of their website and its forum.




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