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Sydney James Jordan was born in Dundee in 1928. He studied aeronautical engineering at Miles Aircraft's experimental college in Reading, Berkshire, but returned to Dundee and worked in Bill McCail's Mallard Studios, alongside Sam Fair, George Blow, Alf Farningham and Len Fullerton, and learned by studying the work of Alex Raymond, Milton Caniff and Stan Drake. In 1951 he assisted Fullerton on his comic strip Dora, Toni and Liz, before creating the daily science fiction strip Jeff Hawke for the Daily Express in 1954. Jordan's friend Willie Patterson came aboard as writer in 1956, and Jordan wrote the later strips himself. The series ran until 1974 and has been reprinted all over Europe. After Jeff Hawke finished, Jordan created another science fiction strip, Lance McLane, which ran in the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record from 1976 to 1988.


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