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Thomas Heath Robinson was born in Islington, London, on 19 June 1869, son of the artist and journalist Thomas Robinson and his wife Eliza, née Heath. The illustrator Charles Robinson and the well-known cartoonist and creator of fantastic contraptions W. Heath Robinson were his younger brothers.

He studied at Islington School of Art and became his father's assistant for a time. He was primarily a magazine and book illustrator - his first magazine illustration was for the Pall Mall Gazette in 1893, and his first book illustrations were for Old World Japan by F. Rinder in 1895. After the First World War most of his work was for children's annuals. He died in St. Ives, Cornwall, in February 1954. His only true work in comics, "In the Reign of Terror", issue 57 of Thriller Picture Library, was published posthumously in March 1954.


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