The late nineties, ladies and gentlemen.

"Taliska's Travels in Time" was a strip which ran in Cosmic, a shortlived monthly comic. It was written by Guy Campbell, pencilled by Paul Moran and inked by Simon Ecob. Dave Windett also worked on it.[1]

The main character, Taliska, was an adolescent girl who owned a time machine (looking like a small F1 racing car) and a box which produced a miniature holographic being called Quark. Together, they travelled through various historical periods - including ancient Egypt, the middle ages and late eighteenth century Trannysylvania (sic) - to gather research for Taliska's homework. The strips contained various puzzles which readers could solve along the way.

"Taliska's Travels in Time" was later reprinted for the Sainsbury's tie-in magazine Kids' Stuff.[2]


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