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Edward George Cowan worked as a lab assistant before enlisting in the RAF, and later the Army as a dispatch rider, during the Second World War. After the war he worked for the forces in a clerical capacity, but began to concentrate on writing. After entering an amateur writing competition in a newspaper, he soon found himself working for The Champion, writing "Ginger Nutt" among others, and untimately was able to give up the day job and write full time. For forty years he was one of the most prolific writers in British children's story papers and comics.

Among his best known creations were "Robot Archie" and "The Spider", both for Lion, for which he also wrote "Paddy Payne", "Sandy Deane", "Carson's Cubs", "The Mystery Speed Star", "The Waxer" and "Adam Eterno". Other strips he wrote include "Saber, King of the Jungle", "The Toughest Road Race in the World" and "Roy of the Rovers" for Tiger, "Billy Binns and his Wonderful Specs" for Boys' World, "Nick Jolly the Flying Highwayman" for Hotspur, and "Blackbow the Cheyenne", "Smokeman" and "UFO Agent" for the Eagle. He wrote for girls' comics such as the Girl's Crystal, often using the pseudonym Denise Cowan. Other pseudonyms he used include George Forrest, and variations on his own name including E. George Cowan and Edward G. Cowan.


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