Terror of the Tomb was a short story which featured in horror anthology comic Scream! Part of the Library of Death series, it was written by Simon Furman with art by Casanovas and lettering by Jay Cobb.

Plot Edit

In ancient Egypt, Ka-Rey Bar was sentenced to a slow death through being buried alive by Prince Akara for performing unspecified experiments on human test subjects. With his final breaths he vowed to become the evil creature that his prince believed him to be, and to take vengeance on all those who would disturb his tomb down the ages.

In the modern day, Professor Blake finally uncovered the final resting place of Ka-Rey whilst searching for his old friend Frank Morris, who disappeared whilst himself on an expedition to find the tomb.

Whilst looking through the tomb, he decided to check the sarcophagus, only to find the desiccated remains of his friend inside. At that moment, a previously-unnoticed sarcophagus opened and disgorged the undead remains of Ka-Rey, who claimed his latest victim by sealing Blake inside the tomb.

At the end, we are shown man named Howard Johnson twenty years in the future, who had decided to be the next in line to search for the lost tomb, before seeing a coffin with the man’s name engraved on the side in the very last panel.

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