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The first proper year of the millenium is ushered in with Dennis going on an adventure worthy of Clarke and Kubrick. Er, sort of.

: Dennis the Menace in Robot Rumble!: Dennis and Gnasher fly to an alien planet where they fight robot versions of Beano characters. The robots and backgrounds are all computer-generated 3D models.
: Bea Ginnings: Bea gives Walter a makeover.
: Smiffy's So Daft...: A page of single-panel cartoons mocking the yellow-jerseyed one. "Smiffy's so daft he went to a football match and supported the referee!"
: General Jumbo: The school dinner ladies are replaced by criminals.
: Licensed to Menace: Quiz designed to guage one's naughtiness.
: Billy Whizz: Billy helps out at a safari park.
: Plug's So Ugly...: More single-panel mocking of the afflicted. "...when it was his turn to have the school photo taken, the camera ran away!"
: Tim Traveller: Tim interferes with the English civil war.
: Design of the Times: Double-page spread. Italian designer Luco Verere gives plug a makeover. Plug gets his kicks dressing as Marge Simpson.
: Roger the Dodger: Roger goes sledging.
: Pooh's Who?: Puzzle page. Identify silhouettes of characters obscured by Bea's flatulance.
: The Bash Street Kids in Must Fly: Teacher takes control of an aeroplane.
: Gnasher: Gnasher attaches ice lollies to his feet.
: Gordon Bennett: Gordon is hypnotised into thinking he's a dog.
: Ivy the Terrible: Ivy visits a rugby match.
: Ivy the Terrible: Ivy presents a comic strip she drew herself.
: Calamity James is So Unlucky...: "...he was hit by a tital wave - in his bath!"
: Dennis the Menace and Gnasher: Rasher's turned green.
: The Beano Bugs: Cuthbert Cringeworthy shows us his collection of insect versions of Beano characters.
: Mad About Bugs: Double-page spread. Cuthbert picks Christmas pressies for his insects.
: The Beano Bugs: Continuing the insects' adventures.
: The Three Bears: Pa sits on a geyser.
: The Beano Stars on a Roll: A game of hockey against the Eagles.
: The Numskulls: The Numskulls lose a bit of jigsaw.
: Num yer Skull!: Numskull-themed puzzles.
: Calamity James: Trendy kid Luke Kool wants to be buddies with James.
: Les Pretend: Les pretends to be a tour guide.
: A Day in the Park: A Dennis the Menace story told in rhyming couplets.
: Minnie the Minx: Minnie goes to school.
: Roger the Dodger: Roger finds unusual uses for a hula hoop. Pervert.
: Billy Whizz is So Fast...: "...he once ran a lap of Beanotown track and overtook himself!"
: Dog's Breakfast TV: Spaniel O'Doggerel's newscast is interrupted by Sniffy.
: Behind the Mask!: Puzzle page. Identify the Beano characters disguised as other Beano characters.
: Fun and Games with Dennis the Menace: Text story. Dennis holds his own Olympics.
: The Bash Street Kids:Teacher has trouble parking his car.
: Paws for Thought: Puzzles themed around Gnasher's paw prints.
: Crazy for Daisy: Ernest goes looking for Daisy at a farm. Oo-arr!
: Walter's so soft...: "...he wears water-wings in case he floods the place watching soppy films."
: Les Pretend: Les causes class conflict by dressing up as some kind of 18th century nobleman in a council estate.
: Look Out For Dennis and Gnasher: Where's Wally-influenced shenanigans at a beach, only without that topless sunbather.
: Ball Boy is Sports Personality of the Year: Ball Boy meets Des Lynam and Kevin Keegan.

: Notes: The book's endpapers showcase pastel-on-canvas art of the Beano regulars by Glasgow artist Neil Smith.










  • "The Bash Street Kids": The kids create inflatable replicas of themselves.
  • "Roger the Dodger: What to do if... You fancy freshly cooked pancakes!" Roger and pancakes.
  • "Minnie the Minx": Minnie messes about with springs.
  • "Dennis the Menace": Bea's farts are studied by a scientist.
  • "The Numskulls": Edd gets tattooed.
  • "What to do if... You can't get to sleep!": Smiffy suffers from insomnia.
  • "Billy Whizz": Billy plays football.
  • "Freddie Fear: What to do if... Your dragon gets hiccups": Little Plum cameos.
  • "Lord Snooty the Third": Snooty takes up ice sculpting.
  • "Ratz": The rodents are bored.
  • "What to do if... You need self protection!": Cuthbert Cringeworthy incurs the wrath of Fatty.
  • "Pirates of the Caribeano": The governor has a glass boat.
  • "Ball Boy!": Ball Boy is taken to a dog obedience school.
  • "Derek the Sheep": Derek is kept awake by squirrels.
  • "Beano Winter Olympic Games": One-page drawing.
  • "Roger the Dodger": Roger fantasises about finding a meteorite.
  • "Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green": Johnny makes a scarecrow.
  • "Beano Winter Olympic Games Prize Giving Ceremony": Single-page drawing. Dennis took the gold.
  • "Gnasher and Gnipper": Trouble from a dog-catcher.
  • "Fred's Bed": Fred makes off in a bi-plane.
  • "Wish You Were Here...?" Single-page illustration. The Bash Street Kids muck about with one of those put-your-face-through-the-picture seaside attractions.
  • "Bea & Ivy": Ivy reads Bea a bedtime story.
  • "The Numskulls": Ed appears on a quiz show.
  • "Biffo the Bear": Biffo researches his family tree.
  • "Bet You're Glad You're Not Here!!!": Single-page illustration. The Bash Street Kids are still mucking about with one of those put-your-face-through-the-picture seaside attractions.
  • "Billy the Cat and Katie": Starring Billy's Victorian ancestor William the Cat.
  • "Menace-Puzzle Tree!": Treehouse-themed puzzle pages.
  • "Dennis the Menace": The softies team up with the Colonel's great nephew.
  • "Calamity James": James meets a hermit.
  • "Les Pretend": Les pretends to be a mole.
  • "Are You Smarter than Smiffy?": Quiz about the preceeding strips.
  • "Aiken Drum": Hunt Emerson illustrates a Scottish nonsense song.
  • "The Bash Street Kids": The kids go into space.
  • "Minnie the Minx": Minnie infiltrates a hospital.
  • "Billy the Cat and Katie": The steampunk continues.
  • "Roger the Dodger": Teddy Slogan hosts the Eurovision Dodge Contest.