"The Crimson Ball" was a strip that ran in The Dandy in 1963-4, from issues 1144 to 1174. It was drawn by Jack Glass.[1]

It involved a masked villain called the Master who rode around in a giant red ball that left a trail of destruction in its wake. The Master's ultimate aim was to destroy all of the military airbases in Britain; to achieve this end he captured the story's protagonist, a boy namd Peter Jones, to lead him to the airbases.

The story has something of a plot hole: if an ordinary boy like Peter Jones can know the locations of Britain's airbases, then surely a criminal mastermind would be able to find them out for himself?

With a villain named "the Master" and the presence of a giant destructive ball the strip foreshadowed two cult TV series from later in the decade: Doctor Who and The Prisoner.


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