The Drowning Pond was a story which featured in short-lived horror anthology comic Scream! Part of the Library of Death series, it was written by B. Burrell, with art by Vivas and lettering by P. Knight.

Plot Edit

When two boys playing football beside a small pond accidentally kick their ball in to the water in the town of Forge Hill, one of them, Frankie, is attacked and nearly drowned by the corpse of the witch when he goes to retrieve it. Escaping and making his way home, his father calls the doctor who, after hearing the boy’s story relates the tale of a flower seller who was tortured as a witch before being drowned in the pond three hundred years ago. The legend went that before she died, she laid a curse on the town and all who lived there.

Hearing this, Frankie’s father and the doctor attempt to disprove the story by going swimming in the pond, but they too are nearly drowned by the entangling vines and chains surrounding the corpse. Convincing themselves that it was only their own actions which had disturbed the cadaver and made it seem to be alive, the boy’s father explained this to him. Frankie says he believes his dad, but in the final panel asks why the roses entwined through the body were so fresh . . .

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