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Issue 1, 1920

The Kinema Comic was a weekly anthology published by Amalgamated Press from 1920 to 1932, edited by Fred Cordwell. It incorporated Cheerio in 1920. Like its stablemate Film Fun it was comprised of strips about film personalities.

Strips included...

  • "The Artful Antics of Babe Hardy", drawn by Reg Carter
  • "Chester Conklin"
  • "Fatty Arbuckle"
  • "Ford Sterling"
  • "Jack Cooper"
  • "The Kinema Comedy Club"
  • "Larry Semon"
  • "Louise Fazenda"
  • "Mable Norand"
  • "Max Linder"
  • "Polly Moran"
  • "Snub Pollard"

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