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Issue 31 was the second cover to feature The Lost Boy, art by Kate Brown.

"The Lost Boy" was an adventure serial in The Phoenix, running from issues 1 to 35. It was written and illustrated by Kate Brown.

The final part of the story which featured in Issue 35 was a 4 page feature special.

The story told of a boy who woke up to found he was on a deserted island - possibly a survivor of a shipwreck. He discovers a map piece and decides to find the whole lot and soon discovers it to be a treasure map. During his adventure, he meets an island creature who he names 'Bob' (Bob then names him 'Jim-on-Thursdays') and the two feature alongside each other until Issue 33 when Jim ditches Bob in order to selfishly find the treasure. Whilst trying to find the mysterious "Notewriter" who leaves Jim notes and tips on the back of treasure scraps - Jim comes across the shadows who surround the island, he is warned by the Notewriter to avoid them.

After many close encounters with the shadows, Jim finally makes it to the treasure in issue 34. He then decides to write a message about his journey and his discovery, only to then discover his handwriting is the same as the Notewriter's. As Jim realises he was the Notewriter the entire time, the shadows track him down and surround him. When he wakes up in Issue 35, the story begins all over again - implying Jim is trapped on the island forever, always repeating the same journey.

"The Lost Boy" will not be returning to The Phoenix, leaving Jim searching over the island - about to begin his journey again for what could be the hundredth time.

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