The Modern Boy 1

Issue 1, 1928

The Modern Boy was a boys' story paper published between 1928 and 1939 by the Amalgamated Press and ran to some 610 issues. First launched on 11 February 1928 and always costing 2d , the magazine ran initially to 523 weekly issues until 12 February 1938. The following week, 19 February 1938 it was re-launched in a new size and this new Modern Boy (dropping the word "The") was re-numbered from issue number one again. It then ran until issue 87, which was published on 14 October 1939 before production ceased due to wartime paper shortages.

The Modern Boy was well known for the stories published in it, notably the works of W. E. Johns famous as the creator of Biggles. Johns initially painted the cover artwork for issue 98 and went on to submit other cover paintings and articles. His first signed article was published in issue number 148 (dated 6 December 1930) and was called "The Plane Smashers" but it is believed that he wrote articles prior to that as "Our Air Expert". From issue 257, Johns' Biggles stories were published and these ran in many issues up until publication ceased in 1939. Firstly, all the individual stories from the first Biggles book - The Camels Are Coming - were published and eventually Johns new books were first published in The Modern Boy in episodic format. Changes in the text took place when the stories were later published in book form.

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