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Cover of issue 1.

The Pride is a small-press comic series written by Joe Glass, an author based in Treorchy, Wales.[1] Various artists have worked on the project.

The comic revolves around an LGBT superhero team consisting of FabMan, Angel, Bear, Frost, Sapphire, Twink, White Trash, Wolf and Cub.

An eight-page story was included in the double-feature anthology Stiffs/The Pride, before the series proper began.[2][3] The first six issue series was published over a period of four years - #1 in November 2011, #2 in May 2013, #3 in November 2013, #4 in November 2014, #5 in March 2015 and #6 in November 2015. The spin-off anthology The Pride Adventures has so far released five issues in March 2013, April 2014, November 2015, September 2017 and September 2018

A collected hardcover edition featuring the first six issues from the main series and three Adventures issues was released in October 2016 as The Pride Vol.1 - I Need a Hero. The collected edition featured several new short stories which were eventually collected on their own as the #4 of The Pride Adventures. A softcover edition was released in September 2018.


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