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Cover of volume 3

The Rising Stars of Manga United Kingdom and Ireland is the name of a contest held by manga publisher Tokyopop, along with a three-volume series of books tying in with said contest. Entrants were asked to submit short comic stories drawn in a style influenced by Japanese manga.

As its name suggests the contest was an offshoot of Rising Stars of Manga, a competition which was open to US residents only and ran from 2002 to 2008. The UK and Irelend edition arrived several years after its American cousin and ran annually from 2006 to 2008. Like its US counterpart each year had a tie-in book compiling the top entries, with comments from the judges.

The books[]

Volume 1 (2006)[]

  • "Falling Star" by Paul Duffield (grand prize)
  • "Fatal Connection" by Sonia Leong (second place)
  • "Dojo Dynasty" by Patrick Warren (third place)
  • "Legend of the Future" by Jin Sun Oh
  • "Rose by Any Other Name" by Sinead "Missie" Lynch and L. Hamilton
  • "Between the Lines" by Emma Vieceli
  • "Prince of Cats" by Roxanne Chen
  • "Modern Day Catastophists" by Vee Chayakul

Volume 2 (2007)[]

  • "Knives" by John Aggs (grand prize)
  • "Poison" by Selina Dean (second place)
  • "Beyond" by Hannah Saunders (third place)
  • "Redeemon" by Mai-yeng Tran
  • "Homecoming" by Morag Lewis
  • "Promise Me" by Khalid Kassim
  • "Happily Ever After" by Joanna Zhou
  • "Experiment 1817295#7205" by Suzanne Lam (people's choice)

Volume 3 (2008)[]

  • "T Times" by Nana Li (grand prize)
  • "Two for Joy" by Hayden Scott-Baron (second place)
  • "The Way We Were" by Faye Yong (third place, people's choice)
  • "Alone" by Yue Guan
  • "First Train" by Donna Pesani and Ing Hoang
  • "Innocent Until Proven" by Michael Kacar
  • "Until Death do us Party" by Laura Watton

See also Stardust, a small-press anthology also collecting stories created for the contest in a similar format to the official books.